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Big Problem


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Dear Reader:

I hope you paid Erin Hogan well for her brave article ("Jerked Around," October 27), since that seems to be the only compensation she will get for her diligent pursuit of justice. She deserves credit for her persistence, and especially for taking the time to write her story. I would like her to know that her efforts mean a lot to me as a woman who, like many women I know, has been the unwilling target of various sexual "misdemeanors." Most women do not have the time, desire, or resources to take such a case through the legal system. Her case is a precise illustration of what most women have become resigned to expect. In a felony case such as rape, of course, the stakes are much higher and the frustration and disappointment much deeper when the legal process fails to serve justice.

Unfortunately there are worse things being done to women than guys whipping it out in public to scare girls and get their rocks off. Many women are accustomed to taking a mere exhibitionist somewhat in stride and don't bother to report such incidences. We consider ourselves fortunate if we have never been raped. What a jungle!

Mary Carvlin

Blue Island

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