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When: May 30-June 1 2014

When dancer-choreographers Liz Burritt, Kristina Fluty, and Rebecca Salzer waded into the vast pool of Vivian Maier's photographs, the pictures that held their attention were of women caught off guard, surprised yet staring defiantly into the lens. Inspired by these photos and the pejorative nickname neighborhood teens gave Maier thanks to her gawky gait, the dancers began to reinterpret Maier's own image as an eccentric spinster as an allegory for the awkwardness of being seen publicly as a woman. The dance is composed of three main solos based on three particular Maier portraits. Each solo is paired with video and sound that evokes an urban place—a soda shop or a street corner or a park on a windy day, branches rustling—and with a monologue where dancers prattle on in character about the manifold ways they felt Maier's camera used and dispensed with them. Continue reading >>

Price: $15-$18

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