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When: Tue., Feb. 14, 7 p.m. 2012

It's tempting to call Nashville's Black Belles the all-female American version of the Horrors—they've got an idiosyncratic take on second-wave garage rock and an archly goth image that's also vaguely Hanna-Barbera—except that so few people in the U.S. even know who the Horrors are, aside from NME subscribers and Mighty Boosh superfans. The Black Belles, on the other hand, have had more than their share of stateside exposure thanks to their relationship with Jack White: he's produced their records, released their music on his Third Man label, directed their videos, hooked them up with a gig backing Stephen Colbert, and generally promoted the hell out of the band. But their 2011 self-titled album suggests that they'd do just fine without the A-list association. The material is long on atmosphere and image, heavy on the hooks, and, rather refreshingly, almost entirely devoid of anything that doesn't help deliver on those primary concerns—plus, YouTube evidence suggests that their live show is witchy as all get-out. —Miles Raymer See also Wednesday. This set is part of the Reader's Anti-Valentine's Day Party.

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