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When: Sat., May 31, 8 p.m. 2014

“Metalhead” is a pretty broad term. Church-burning black-metal disciples, grind-happy crust punks, mathy-hardcore slam dancers, and even C.C. DeVille worshipers all self-identify as metalheads. And Nashville three-piece Yautja have something to offer all of them—hair-metal fans excluded. On the recent Songs of Descent (Forcefield), the music plays the tortoise one minute, heaving with sludgy, groove-heavy riffs and double-kick beats, and the hare the next, stomping recklessly on the gas for blastbeats and tremolo picking at unsafe speeds. And there’s a whole fuck-ton of noise in the middle. The album’s seven-minute opus, “Faith Resigned,” has bits of all those things, but Yautja are most absorbing when everybody comes together on its epic bridge, stomping hypnotically right up to the edge of the earth—and then cranking up the energy to scream bloody murder as they plummet off it. —Kevin Warwick

Price: $14, $12 in advance

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