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Black Out

92 minutes 2012

The Hangover hangs over this 2012 crime comedy from the Netherlands: awaking in a strange room next to a dead body, with no recollection of what happened the night before, the hero finds himself on the run from drug dealers who think he's stolen their shipment, even as his sweetheart keeps phoning to smooth out details for their wedding the next day. In practice, though, this plays more like a Guy Ritchie farce (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), with its gallery of eccentric badasses (a gay crime lord who used to be a ballet star, a pair of sexy enforcers clad in little black dresses and wielding an ax and a cricket bat). Some of the gags are funny (taking a cell phone call during a vicious beatdown, a thug tells his mother, "I'm in the middle of a performance appraisal"), some are stale (a black character is endlessly addressed as "Harry Belafonte," "Kunta Kinte," etc), and some are stale but still funny (a Mexican standoff among five men ends with everyone dead). Arne Toonen directed; the source novel is by Gerben Hellinga. In Dutch with subtitles.


Black Out

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