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Black September, Megaton Leviathan, Go Hang Recommended Soundboard Critics' Picks

When: Thu., April 14, 9 p.m. 2011

Oregon trio Megaton Leviathan, which includes former Wolves in the Throne Room bassist Chris Beug, plays the type of doom metal that, as I wrote last week, Indian doesn't—the almost relaxing kind favored by heavy-lidded stoners. In this case it'd help if said heavy-lidded stoners have also had positive experiences with Autechre, My Bloody Valentine, and Mogwai. Perhaps even the Cocteau Twins. Last year's Water Wealth Hell on Earth (Feretro), which reprises a couple songs from their self-released 2009 demo, fairly seamlessly blends darkwave, drone, and doom—it's perpetually unsettling, and heavy as fuck when it asserts itself. Ghostly vocals and highly processed synths and strings add to the mesmerizing atmosphere, and the first time I heard the heavy riff come in on "Guns and LSD," I admit it, I jumped. These guys are threatening to make the cultish solemnity of, say, Om or Sunn 0))) friendly to the masses—"hooky drones" aren't something you hear every day. —Monica Kendrick

Price: $7

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