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Blind Spot

In this unremittingly bleak film a young woman tries to save her younger brother from drug addiction by locking him in an apartment and overseeing his withdrawal. Virtually the entire film takes place in a strange netherworld where it's always past midnight and no one but the story's characters is on the street. The feature debut of Slovenian director Hanna A.W. Slak, it has the tentative feel of one; it's drenched in atmosphere and contains some interesting camerawork, but the characters are so elliptically rendered they barely register. It's to her credit that Slak has done away with the usually tedious back story, and her decision to minimize plot and character development lets her focus on elements such as sound, lighting, and texture. But after a while the dramatic disengagement starts to work against the material, and what remains is little more than a visually interesting formal exercise. In Slovenian with subtitles. 87 min.

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