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When: Sat., Jan. 7, 9 p.m. 2017

“Just do the right thing now / Try not to act so dumb / Be mature, mature! / Your life is over, face it,” Sarah Ryczek spits out on Udüsic’s “Mature.” The hardcore scene of the 1980s was stereotypically the province of snot-nosed immature skater boys sporting acne and adenoidal sneers. Ryczek, though, is in her 40s, and at this point hardcore has been around long enough that it’s virtually an exercise in nostalgia. But you wouldn’t know that listening to Udüsic’s 2015 self-titled seven-inch on Painkiller. Clocking in at less than ten minutes total, the six songs are adrenaline-fueled shots of head-banging hooks, galloping drum blasts, and anthemic attitude. “I’m a menace, I’m a fucking menace,” Ryczek snarls on the no-frills “Menace.” “Nice Try” is a bit more complicated: it opens with a slow, almost doom-metal pace before moving on up to the familiar breakneck rush (“Come on now, nice try!”). The band don’t sound dated—instead they come out like true believers in the grizzled verities of youthful bile. Condescension, contempt, anger, irritation—these are emotions that the old and young can shriek in your face together. I’d expect adults of all ages to be thrashing enthusiastically throughout Udüsic’s set.

Noah Berlatsky

Price: $7

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