In Legos



Have you seen the totally insane video for Radiohead's "House of Cards" that they shot with lasers instead of cameras?

The major difference between this type of 3D-plotting setup and a traditional optical setup is that while a camera basically just absorbs the light coming into it, the lasers digitize a whole bunch of information that can be visually represented in any medium the data will fit. The band's made that data public, and one of their fans--presumably one with a glut of free time and an inhuman level of patience--has undertaken the insane task of converting part of it to Lego.

Between this and issuing the isolated "stem" tracks to "Nude" for a remix concert, Radiohead is leading the pack of bands turning themselves into public open-source projects. If only some other band would take them on, so I can write geeky technical blog posts without the word "Radiohead" in them.

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