Map the food truck ghetto and other food news bites



The city announced 23 food truck parking spots, reported the Trib. What the hell were they thinking?

Watch Jim Graziano of Randolph Street's great J.P. Graziano do battle with an 85-pound wheel of Parmigiana Reggiano at Grubstreet.

Dat Donut owner Darryl Townson is reopening the spot next door, which once housed Leon's, for his own barbecue joint, per Crain's.

More food news after the jump:

Will Douillet is leaving Sixteen, says Eater.

Friend of the Food Chain Hugh Amano is back after a summer cooking in Montana. He details the road food in between at Food on the Dole.

Read A.A. Gill as he feeds the Michelin Guide its own entrails.

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