Did you read about Obama's second cabinet, medical marijuana, and why LA sucks?



Los Angeles: some people just hate it there.
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  • Los Angeles: some people just hate it there.
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Hey, did you read:

• Joe Nocera's fantasy picks for Obama's second cabinet? (Successor for Hillary Clinton? Bill Clinton. New defense secretary? David Petraeus.) Steve Bogira

• About kids and medical marijuana? Jerome Ludwig

• That China's People's Daily and the Korea Times praised an American newspaper's proclamation that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is the "sexiest man alive"? The paper in question? The Onion. Tal Rosenberg

• That Tracy Letts tried to remain faithful to Tracy Letts? Tony Adler

• This epic tribute to the late Tony Scott, written exquisite corpse-style by ten different film critics? Ben Sachs

• The various reasons why LA sucks? (True story: I once locked eyes with Jeff Goldblum at the reviled Cafe Gratitude this one time.) Asher Klein

• Why Northwestern's 9-3 football season still feels like a bit of a letdown? Mick Dumke

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