Reader's Agenda Sun 12/30: Neurosis, a servants' tour, and Lawrence of Arabia



No, New Year's Eve is tomorrow. But you're still looking for something to do today? No worries, Agenda's got you covered:

It's metal Sunday at Metro, where Bloodiest and Atlas Moth open for none other than Neurosis. Monica Kendrick has this to say about their latest album, Honor Found in Decay: "Its particular spin on the moody, atmospheric, and heavy-as-fuck progressive metal that Neurosis helped to invent manages to be folk inflected and slightly futuristic at the same time."

Today is the last day to catch Help Wanted: The Holiday Servants' Tour, an exhibit on display at the Driehaus Museum. Because don't you want to spend Sunday making plum pudding and setting a table for a formal dinner?

The Music Box shows two film classics today, F.W. Murnau's Sunrise and David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia.

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