Did you read about pricey football tickets, injured football quarterbacks, and George Clinton's costly legal ruling?



One Nation Under a Groove, now under the control of lawyers.
  • Joe Loong
  • "One Nation Under a Groove," now under the control of lawyers
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Hey, did you read:

• About using Google Earth to identify and quantify food gardens in Chicago? —John Dunlevy

This New York Times profile of Uruguayan president Jose Mujica (a royal badass if there ever was one)? Ben Sachs

• Bill Maher's "New Rules for the New Year"? ("Second-term Obama must have a few laughs by acting out the Tea Party’s worst fears. He must order Air Force One to fly everywhere upside-down like Denzel and replace Bo the White House dog with two pit bulls named 'Malcolm' and 'X.'") Steve Bogira

• A news story that reads like a Dan Brown novel? Tony Adler

• That George Clinton has lost the rights to some of his most famous Funkadelic songs to a team of lawyers, as compensation for personal debts he owes? Tal Rosenberg

That ticket prices are falling for tonight's Notre Dame-Alabama game? (They're now going for only around a thousand bucks.) Steve Bogira

• That doctor James Andrews did not clear hotshot-rookie Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III to play after the latter injured his knee, even though coach Mike Shanahan said he did? Tal Rosenberg

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