Did you read about the Blackhawks, union pot, and the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs?



New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg
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Hey, did you read:

• That while it's practically the Ides of February, the Blackhawks are still undefeated in regulation? (They crushed the Coyotes last night in the enchantingly named Jobing.com Arena.) Steve Bogira

• That New York mayor Michael Bloomberg's super PAC is buying ads in the in the race for Jesse Jackson Jr.'s vacated seat? —John Dunlevy

• That, yeah whatever, an asteroid actually did end up killing off the dinosaurs? Kevin Warwick

• That organized labor is looking eagerly at the budding legal marijuana industry? Mick Dumke

• The "poem in links" that asks a legitimate question: "Is Taylor Swift a Feminist?" Drew Hunt

• About how weather.com completely lost its shit yesterday (more than usual)? Kevin Warwick

• That a new study in Science posits a "furry-tailed bug-eating" shrew-size critter as the ancestor of all placental mammals? Kate Schmidt

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