12 O'Clock Track: The Dismemberment Plan, "The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich"



The Dismemberment Plan has always had a tendency to get zany. Never zany in a dorky, contrived kind of way, but much more in a refreshing, spontaneous kind of way. The DC band—which reunited in 2010 and has been writing new material as of late—possesses the enviable skill of being able to transition from sincere, introspective, and colorful indie rock to dance-worthy, neon-lit post-punk without batting an eye.

Perhaps their most zany and hyper track—and one played without fail at the half dozen or so shows I've attended—is "The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich," off of a lesser-known split EP with Juno they released in 2001. Spastic and disco-infused, the song features front man Travis Morrison very nearly freestyle rapping over what sounds like a mashing together of Casio keyboards and vintage Nintendo games. It's bizarre and catchy and why the Dismemberment Plan will always be so much fun.

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