Did you read about a major TSA blunder, President Obama's new MO, and the antisocial Internet?



President Obama and the art of public shaming
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Hey, did you read:

• How in "an act of brutal and careless behaviour" TSA workers at O'Hare snapped a rare bow belonging to cellist Alban Gerhardt? Mike Sula

Dwight Garner's scorching of Jamaica Kincaid's latest novel, See Now Then? ("Now and Then toddle through this book like Tweedledum and Tweedledee, quite often bumping into one another and falling over but never laughing about it.") Steve Bogira

• President Obama's new political M.O.: public shaming? —Mick Dumke

• This look at how art collectors are killing art? Tony Adler

Adrian Chen's exploration of how antisocial the Internet used to be? Drew Hunt

• That certain sea slugs have disposable penises? —Gwynedd Stuart

This Atlantic Q&A on Sylvia Plath occasioned by the 50th anniversary of her death—and the near silence surrounding it? (Anne Sexton called Plath's suicide a good career move, only to kill herself little more than a decade later.) Kate Schmidt

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