12 O'Clock Track: Schwarz's jubilant club anthem, "U R Beautiful"



Charm City DJ and producer Schwarz ought to be a self-help guru; on his new single, "U R Beautiful," the Baltimore club maven shouts relentlessly positive mantras about loving yourself. Schwarz does amped-up anthems right (he produced BBU's "Outlaw Culture"), and the track's upbeat dance pulse only bolsters the sincerity with which he delivers his simple message. The life-affirming jam is also cosigned by a guy who knows a thing or two about just that—freewheeling Milwaukee rapper Juiceboxxx, who released the tune on his Thunder Zone imprint. Schwarz certainly has me believing in "U R Beautiful," which is Today's 12 O'Clock track. Check out its borderline NSFW video below, which features the dude yelling in his underwear while balancing himself on a rope swing, or, if you prefer not to get in trouble in the office, just take a listen to the Bandcamp stream.

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