Reader's Agenda Sun 5/12: A Mother's Day matinee, a Marxist musical, and Coliseum



Mommie Dearest
  • Mommie Dearest
Looking for something to do today? Agenda's got you covered:

Shake things up a bit this Mother's Day by going to the Music Box for a matinee showing of the 1981 camp classic Mommie Dearest, with commentary by Dick O'Day and complimentary wire hangers.

Bertolt Brecht's The Mother, written in 1930, is the original feel-good Marxist musical, intended to inspire the German public to join in the collective cause. Or something like that. Anyway, there's a mother involved. Now playing at the Oracle Theatre.

Louisville trio Coliseum's new fourth album, Sister Faith, "has the remarkable quality of sounding loud even when played back at a reasonable volume," writes Miles Raymer in Soundboard. Catch them at Empty Bottle, with openers Sweet Cobra and Pink Avalanche.

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