12 O'Clock Track: Cincy's Tweens blow out the bubblegum on "Rattle and Rollin'"


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  • Ashley Ross
I really don't need much of a reason to rep my hometown of Cincinnati, but a more recent Queen City-proud moment came a couple months back when I caught some demo tracks from the locally hyped Tweens. The band—which earlier this month got called on by Kim Deal to open a few shows for the Breeders—plays a trashy, bubblegum kind of power garage that's as sneering and sweaty as it is candy coated. BB Tween's vocals (yes, each member has an alias) sound like Coco Hames with a shot of adrenaline, and the frayed, blown-out guitar lines are executed in a way that doesn't drown the hooks in fuzz.

Today's 12 O'Clock Track, "Rattle & Rollin'," is one of only a small selection of demo songs the band has available right now, because, well, the debut is still in the works—as is a label to release it—and they've barely been around a year. No doubt bigger things are to come.


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