12 O'Clock Track: "Irene" is a dreamy preview of Twin Peaks' upcoming vinyl reissue


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I'll bet you've at least heard of Twin Peaks by now. The superhyped, glammy young 'uns have been creating quite a stir around town lately, not only for their excellent ability to write a killer pop gem, but because they're all underage and are regularly getting bounced from their own shows for it (I actually witnessed the band getting booted from the Reader Best of Chicago party at Smart Bar—even though they were playing for partygoers upstairs at Metro). The band's lone release, last year's Sunken, is getting the vinyl reissue treatment next week from Autumn Tone Records, and the release show is on Wednesday at Schubas. Today's 12 O'Clock Track is an excellent sample from the Sunken reissue, "Irene."

"Irene" is a prime example of why this band has stolen Chicago's heart. Irresistible hooks and clever guitar leads suspended in a beautiful, dreamy haze of warm, psychy guitars. The future is bright here, and I'm sure I'm not the only one anticipating whatever comes next. No pressure or anything, guys.


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