12 O'Clock Track: The slightly off minimalism of Love Inks' "Better Alone"



The Blow, Bill Callahan, and Fuck Buttons. Three top-notch (and Reader-recommended) shows on a Monday in October. Not too bad. Even better for the Blow show at Lincoln Hall is the opener, Love Inks. Minimalist, electro-branded indie pop, the Austin trio have the distinct ability of sounding ethereal and in a mesmerizing sway one moment—thanks in large part to the easy breeze of Sherry LeBlanc's vocals—and slightly disjointed and grim another. Today's 12 O'Clock Track, "Better Alone," is led by mild strums of clean-and-easy guitar, but the simple, trailing beat, almost at a stumble, and LeBlanc's often casual singing—like she could really care less if anyone's even bothering to listen—tweak the song in a way that makes the band sound just a little off, and more than worth your while to get to the show for early.

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