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Blue Nativity Free New Review (Theater and Comedy) Brief Run (Theater)

When: Dec. 18 2010

Graceful, outsize puppets with blue half-moon heads perform Quest Theatre Ensemble's folksy, 30-minute drama about the birth of Jesus, the actors manipulating them sing gorgeously harmonized carols as well as the occasional pop tune, and director Jason Bowen adds lots of self-deprecating touches such as a Christmas star made of a mess of cheap tinsel. That produces enough charm to compensate for the show's many flaws, including a singing narrator prone to taking breaths in the middle of phrases and crooning a quarter-tone flat, an American Idol-esque rendition of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, and pageantry largely limited to shepherds, kings, and critters standing around staring into a glowing manger. (Jesus is portrayed by a light bulb.) --Justin Hayford