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An aging burglar (Burt Reynolds) takes on and trains a younger partner (Casey Siemaszko) in a quirky and likable new comedy directed by Bill Forsyth (Local Hero, Housekeeping), scripted by John Sayles. This film lacks the ambition of Forsythe's Housekeeping, but it's warm, engaging, and very agreeably acted (Reynolds hasn't been this good in ages); most of the focus is on the warmth that develops between the old pro and his student in crime--a little bit like the kind of rapport between older and younger men found in some of the movies of Howard Hawks--and Sayles's refreshingly nonjudgmental script has plenty of small-scale pleasures of its own. With Sheila Kelley, Lorraine Toussaint, and Albert Salmi. (Harlem-Cermak, Grove, Oakbrook, Golf Glen, Lincoln Village, McClurg Court, Ridge, Bricktown Square)

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