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Brewed Closing (Theater and Galleries) The Short List (Theater)

When: Thursdays-Saturdays. Continues through March 24 2013

Scott Barsotti's peculiar new play concerns six grown sisters with multiple horrors and at least one curse in their past. Four of them have been leading a semiferal existence—i.e., vicious catfights on the one hand, access to a washer/dryer combo on the other—in their isolated ancestral home, where they take turns stirring what may or may not be a magical pot. Now that prodigal sibs Nannette and Roxette have returned, there will be blood. A collaboration between Tympanic Theatre Company and the Ruckus, Anna Bahow's production is tongue-in-cheek neo-Gothic fun for a while. But it goes slack as a result of too many brawls, too many seizures, and too many twists that come across as creative afterthoughts. The cast never stops being engaging, though—especially Dana Black as Juliette, the mama-sister who attempts to maintain a functional level of familial dysfunction. —Tony Adler

Price: $17

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