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Brooklyn Beats Records Showcase


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The folks at Broklyn Beats prefer the real crackle of a ragged needle on vinyl to some fancy computer effect that mimics it. Cofounder Crito Thornton (aka Criterion) started his music career in Minneapolis playing saxophone in the crusty-punk/no-wave band Dogfight. He also spent 13 years there publishing fanzines and almost a decade working for a politicized punk organization called the Profane Existence Collective. He moved to Brooklyn and started Broklyn Beats in 1998 as a CD-R label with fellow squatter and "free partier" Heather Leitner (aka Doily, a friend from Minneapolis); the label's now in the midst of a series of seven-inches that includes a kick-ass release by 1-Speed Bike (Aidan Girt, the drummer in Godspeed You Black Emperor!). Their urgent mish-moshes, compiled of records ferreted out from scuzzy neighborhood junk shops, are dark yet oddly comfy: aggro pipe-scraping-on-a-chain-link-fence noise, reggae samples gone haywire, warped and detuned ragtime player piano, hyper jungle riffs, languid dub beats, and political exclamations by social commentators of the past. But once all the pieces snap into place these battered arrangements are conducive to moments like those Bjork's character experienced in Dancer in the Dark--where everyday discord coheres into a beautifully wild composition. Criterion, Doily, 1-Speed Bike, and Implode will perform. Wednesday, October 23, 9:30 PM, Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western; 773-276-3600.

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