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Buck the Archdiocese


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To the editors:

As I finish reading your article, "Knells of Saint Mary's" [September 9], one thought comes to mind . . . Bravo to the Reader for having the guts to print the real story behind the "for-publication" version.

Congratulations to Bryan Miller for a well-written, thoroughly investigated story and for exposing the political "almighty-dollar" mind-set of the Archdiocese. Are they in the business of saving souls or amassing fortunes?

Most importantly, deep admiration and a hearty pat on the back to Gene Urbaszewski and the entire Restoration Committee for having the fortitude and tenacity to stick with the fight. After all, it seems as though fighting city hall is a piece of cake compared to bucking the Archdiocese of Chicago.

It's comforting to know with all the newspapers published in Chicago, at least the Reader dares to tell the other side of the story.

C. Gauss


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