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Chef-butcher Allen Sternweiler (Allen's, Duchamp) offers build-your-own burgers, beignets, and a case of his handiwork.

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Given that burgers and ampersands are two of the most overplayed restaurant trends in recent times, it's doubly sad that the name of Alan Sternweiler's build-your-own-burger joint so closely mimics resembles a certain well-known Noble Square butcher shop. But Sternweiler manages to do quite a lot in this tight Lincoln Park space, offering a staggering 11 different patties, from prime beef to elk to vegan and salmon, mixed to order with a choice of 13 spice blends (coconut curry, Italian herb, onion soup mix) and a slew of complimentary and extra toppings (Benton's bacon, foie gras, black truffle mayo). The potential combinations can be dumbfounding, but careful strategizing produces a perfectly good sandwich; the ghost-pepper blend, for instance, lends a by-no-means-painful heat to the grass-fed prime burger, and the curried lentil vegan burger is surprisingly moist, almost fluffy, in contrast to the enjoyably gnarly cube steak with Greek lemon seasoning. Pork and turkey burgers are—perhaps not surprisingly—dry, but spuds are fried light and crisp, maintaining the potatoes' airy integrity.

Mike Sula

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