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I work for a small daily newspaper in Wisconsin. If pressed to answer honestly, I'd say I don't believe most of the stories that appear in the NYT, WSJ, or Chicago Tribune [Hot Type, April 22]. My lack of faith comes from newspapers' continual focus on institutional power, their inability to challenge authority, and their reliance on anonymous sources that could, for all I know, be invented. Every time I read national and international stories I have a picture of Karl Rove or Bill Clinton manipulating reporters for political gain. I simply don't trust the national media to step outside of the "game" and report from the perspective of the nation's majority interest. How else do we explain the recent passage of the recent bankruptcy bill or the war in Iraq? As someone deeply concerned about the decline of newspapers, I don't have a lot of answers. My only hope is that we can prevent the manipulation on the local level what has become so apparent on the national level.

Dustin Block

City editor

Journal Times


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