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Hours: Lunch, dinner: seven days
Open Late: Friday & Saturday till 11.

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This tiny corner space, home to a host of Asian eateries over the years, goes Japanese.

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Though nigiri and sashimi are available upon request, the menu at Cafe Furaibo Sushi, a quiet, tiny Lakeview sushi place, is composed mainly of maki, both standard and fanciful. On a recent visit my companion and I marveled at the complexity of the Fire Drops: deep-fried tuna, red and black tobiko, masago, mayo, and avocado served with a spicy black sauce so tasty that I considered drinking it as an aperitif. Our admiration turned to wonder, however, when we met the saucily named Peachy Maki, elegant, deeply burnished fried rolls made of eel, smoked salmon, masago, and cream cheese. They were sweet and musky, with a soft, lingering finish. The only disappointments were the appetizers: seven or eight flecks of overseared tuna and hibachi scallops that tasted exclusively of soy sauce. Portions are large and you won't have to take out a small mortgage to fill yourself up. If all this weren't reason enough to return every night, the homemade green tea ice cream was the essence of Japanese simplicity: not sweet, and with a fleeting, delicate taste—a bowlful of cool tranquillity.

Chip Dudley

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