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Americans first started experimenting with Louis Daguerre's new photographic process around 1840, 50 years before Frederick Fargo Church snapped this picture of George Eastman with a Kodak camera on board the S.S. Gallia. The Terra Museum's current exhibit American Photography: 1839-1900 looks at the development of photography over those years and, through the camera's eye, documents the period--the Civil War, the Wild West, politicians like Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson. The exhibit includes American daguerreotypes, made on silver-coated copper plates; rare samples of paper photography, which had replaced the daguerreotype by the mid-1860s; Edward Muybridge's sequential split-second studies of animal locomotion; and photos taken in the 1880s with Eastman's easy-to-use Kodak camera. The exhibit runs through July 8 at the museum, 666 N. Michigan; hours are noon to 8 Tuesday, 10 to 5 Wednesday through Saturday, and noon to 5 Sunday. Admission is $4, $2.50 for seniors, and $1 for students. Details at 664-3939.

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