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Carpet Bombing Saves Lives


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To the editors:

In answer to your Hot Type column of March 8, 1991, wherein you stated, regarding the recent war:

"The final score apparently will be in the neighborhood of: Their Side, 50,000 dead; Our Side, about 150. Let's see if journalism can produce a levelheaded analysis of these results."

Here's my analysis.

Iraq fought an eight-year, back and forth war with Iran, and the final score apparently was Iraq, 500,000 dead; Iran, 500,000 dead, for a total of 1 million, give or take a few scores of thousands either way.

In comparison, the U.S. made the 1991 war completely one-sided and demonstrated Iraq had no sliver of a chance and no sane alternative except surrender. As a result, the U.S. killed only one-tenth the number of Iraqis, and we potentially saved Iraq 450,000 lives.

Jerry Crimmins


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