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Casual Sex?

This started out as a three-song skit written and performed by Wendy Goldman and Judy Toll for the Groundlings in LA, and was later expanded into a play. Producer Ivan Reitman and his wife, director Genevieve Robert, decided to turn it into a film, getting Goldman and Toll to rewrite the play in light of the impact of AIDS, and adding a question mark to the title for good measure. The setting is a swanky health resort, though the film periodically returns to the dark space of a cabaret stage and the two female leads occasionally address the camera; Lea Thompson and Victoria Jackson star, with Stephen Shellen, Jerry Levine, Mary Gross, and Andrew Dice Clay also in the cast. Definitely a lightweight movie, without any heavy ambitions, but for the most part a likable one; with script and direction by women, it's considerably less arch and dehumanized than the usual sex comedy.


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