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When: Sat., Nov. 20, 10:30 p.m. 2010

The Catburglars aren't exactly a fount of musical innovation, but that's never been the point. The back cover of their almost-posthumous self-titled LP on Criminal IQ says it all: Four dudes in their 20s hanging out on a couch with a dirty 30 of PBR, laughing at what might be an inside joke that will probably find its way into one of their songs. Like Handsome Dick Manitoba of their heroes the Dictators, the Catburglars revel in the "smart guys who like dumb stuff" aesthetic, which was enough to set them apart on the burgeoning house-party circuit of the mid- and late aughts. The band pairs dumb-ass riffs with Michael Popinski's smart-ass riffs on eternal verities like food, late-night TV, girls, and blacking out. Live, Popinski's between-song banter is splendidly annoying; his rants on the inferiority of, say, Saint Louis-style pizza are as detailed as Jello Biafra's anti-Reagan tirades and sure to rile up the "Shut up and play!" meatheads in any crowd. The Catburglars haven't really been an active band for the past year, and they've decided that this show will be their last. CoCoComa, Weekend Nachos, and Fascist Beauties open. 17+. —Brian Costello

Price: $8

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