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Cats & Dogs

A power-hungry Persian (get it?) with the voice of Sean Hayes leads a feline revolution—why should dogs be man's best friend? As a canine intelligence agency mobilizes to preserve the status quo, a human mad scientist innocently stirs the pot by developing an animal-allergy shot that really works. This special-effects animal-action comedy (2001) is for heavily identified pet owners who, like new parents, find the details of their charges' behavior so interesting that all references seem clever. With a little imagination and a lot of technology, there's no limit to what a screenwriter can do with a regurgitated fur ball, and the cats' plot and the movie's unfold with almost excessive attention to detail. But then, training animals and using the latest movie tricks to manipulate their images without provoking animal-rights organizations has become something of a national pastime. Lawrence Guterman directed. 87 min.

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