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Session Start (AIM - wluwdj:wnurdj):

wluwdj: hey, play some simple plan!

wnurdj: whassup to WLUW!

wnurdj: what are you guys playin tonite

wluwdj: simple plan!

wnurdj: who the fuck is simple plan!

wluwdj: only the best punk rawk band EVER!

wnurdj: holy christ

wnurdj: you guys have your punk show tonight, that's right

wnurdj: i listen to it on my ride home

wnurdj: play some GBH for me, about 12:30am

wluwdj: who is gbh

wnurdj: haaa

wnurdj: the best punk rawk band ever!!!!

wnurdj: 80s UK pun

wnurdj: punk

wluwdj: whatever

wnurdj: play come basic channel

wluwdj: I've never heard of them

wluwdj: who are they?

wnurdj: G.reat B.ritan H.ardcore

wnurdj: exploited era

wluwdj: oh! like NSYNC

wnurdj: yes, exactly!

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