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Cause Co-Motion!, Tyvek, The Blankket


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Brooklyn spasmodics CAUSE CO-MOTION! kick up a brisk racket that recalls 80s shamble pop like the Television Personalities or the Pastels. On their new Which Way Is Up? seven-inch (What's Your Rupture?) and last year's vinyl EP This Just Won't Last (so far they've only released seven-inches and EPs, in keeping with their hit-it-and-quit-it MO), front man Arno Kleni sings with such guileless dorkiness and infectious enthusiasm that you wish he were your roommate, so you'd never be depressed or bored.

Detroit four-piece TYVEK recorded their no-fi debut, a self-titled seven-inch for X! Records, on a cassette four-track, then mixed and pressed it at a total cost of $739. The B side, "Honda," has an invigoratingly sloppy, thrown-together feel, like the band formed five minutes before the red "record" light came on with every intention of breaking up when the song ended. They've got a seven-inch coming out on What's Your Rupture? and share a guitarist with no-wave primitives Little Claw, who are putting out an EP on Ecstatic Peace.

THE BLANKKET is Steven Kado, onetime member of the Hidden Cameras, current member of Ninja High School, and cofounder of Toronto's Blocks Recording Club, which has released discs by Fucked Up and Final Fantasy. Kado refers to his one-man show as "karaoke" and won't spill the beans about his Chicago debut, except to say he'll "probably be doing something with rice."

Pyrite headlines; Cause Co-Motion!, Tyvek, and the Blankket open. a 8 PM, Ronny's, 2101 N. California, 773-235-6591, $5.

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