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Cave, Cacaw, Centipede Eest, DJs DanQ & Seth Recommended Soundboard Critics' Picks

When: Thu., May 14, 9 p.m. 2009

I’m admittedly late to Cave’s wiggy psychedelic Krautrock party—formed in Columbia, Missouri, and now based in Chicago, the band’s been around about five years—but their new full-length, Psychic Psummer (due May 26 on Important), got me up to speed in a hurry. Next I tracked down Hunt Like Devil/Jamz (Permanent), a compilation of two out-of-print EPs that pack imperturbable post-Neu! grooves with trippy organ patterns, minimal fuzz-bass lines, unhinged guitar skree, and robotic vocals. Despite a few lo-fi blowouts that don’t do much but numb my ears, the EPs suggest a band well on its way to mastering the noise-and-rhythm approach—granted, that’s an easy assessment for me to make in retrospect, since on Psychic Psummer they clearly have mastered it. The new record is richer and clearer, with relatively dramatic songs that back down from the right-out-of-the-gate balls-out intensity that made the earlier stuff such a blast, instead letting the pieces swell and grow over time. That’s not to say Cave is suddenly restrained: there are also tracks like the furious “Made in Malaysia,” which from its first machine-gun salvo of thundering drums holds nothing back. I haven’t seen Cave live, but I can only imagine this stuff getting more wild and hypnotizing onstage. Cacaw, Centipede Eest, and DJs DanQ and Seth open. —Peter Margasak

Price: $8

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