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Cave Singers, Black Atlantic, Judson Claiborne Member Picks Early Warnings (Music) Soundboard

When: Sat., March 27, 10 p.m. 2010

Judson Claiborne is the name Chris Salveter chose when he struck out on his own after several years fronting the local group Low Skies, and the new name helped give his new music space to breathe and come into its own. His first record as Judson Claiborne was a solid piece of good old feel-bad countrified folk-rock not too far removed from the Low Skies formula, but his latest, Time and Temperature (La Societe Expeditionnaire), is a weirder thing. With assistance from Mucca Pazza members Ronnie Kuller and Jeff Thomas, Salveter has expanded his sound to include sprawling, slightly chaotic arrangements of strings and horns. Even relatively subdued numbers like "I Am Learning Pantomime" are somewhat ramshackle, seemingly put together with whatever instruments were within reach at the time, but all the extra sound doesn't obscure the songs' essential sad-guy-with-a-guitar core. The Cave Singers headline; Black Atlantic and Judson Claiborne open. —Miles Raymer

Price: $12