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Champion of the Underdog


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To the editors:

Comparing Bill Wyman's Hitsville column to the Tribune's column by Greg Kot on March 5, we find both columnists championing the underdog. Greg was promoting the Jawbox/Tar split release and show at the Metro on March 6. Bill Wyman was whining about the oppressed, struggling band . . . R.E.M.?

Please spare me! Am I really supposed to be offended that R.E.M. has only sold millions and millions of copies of their new disc, instead of the richly deserved millions and millions and millions and millions?

If R.E.M. loses a few million sales because they aren't touring, it's their problem. What about all the bands that don't have $250,000 to get a video on MTV? What about the fact that there are virtually no all-ages shows in this town for up-and-coming local bands? (That includes the aforementioned Metro show, a 10 PM 18-plus show.) If you want to champion the oppressed, try aiming a little lower than the major-label and arena level.

And has anyone worthwhile ever gotten a Grammy, anyway?

Paul Keller

N. Campbell

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