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When: Wed., Nov. 27, 7:30 p.m. and Fri., Nov. 29, 7:30 p.m. 2013

Footwork music has a reputation as unapproachably eccentric and experimental, but DJ Rashad’s take on this frenetic, Chicago-born form of electronic dance is much more accessible. The title track of his recent Double Cup (Hyperdub) opens with a gnarly, pumped-up synth melody, but it quickly gives way to a gentler tempo and spacier ambience. “Spinn and Rashad got that lean in that double cup,” goes the vocal hook—Rashad made the song with frequent collaborator Spinn—and it does indeed sound like they’ve been sipping on the old purple drank. Luxurious and syrupy, “Double Cup” gets about as close to chopped-and-screwed Houston hip-hop as a footwork track possibly could. Elsewhere on Double Cup Rashad combines rattling 808 claps and irregularly throbbing bass with sleek disco-funk loops (“Show You How”), blaring drum ’n’ bass (“I’m Too Hi”), or stuttering samples of glamorous, adult-contemporary R&B (“Feelin”). He cut most of the album with members of his Teklife collective, including Earl, Manny, and Spinn. Spinn, who’s also DJing with Rashad on Chance the Rapper’s Social Experiment Tour, worked on some of my favorite Double Cup songs: “Feelin” and “Let U No” pump up those sultry R&B samples with polished footwork beats, and the results are just as exciting as the rawest material they’ve made together. —Leor Galil Chance the Rapper headlines; DJ Rashad and Spinn open.

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