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Changing Families and Values

A program of short films and videos about immigrant families. In Victor Vu's Firecracker, a seven-year-old boy in LA's Little Saigon sees the women he cares about being abused, but instead of sensationalizing the subject, Vu hints at violence through the boy's impassive point of view, subtly shaping the film's emotional arc and demonstrating a poetic sensibility rare for a recent film-school graduate. In Lela Lee's animated film series Angry Little Asian Girl, the feisty, foulmouthed title character talks back to her teacher, grosses out her friend, and speaks frankly about sex. Face by Bertha Bay-Sa Pan is a well-crafted but ultimately unsatisfying vignette about a Chinese-American student whose relationship with a black man pains her grandmother; Pan builds to a confrontation between the two women but leaves the conflict hanging. (TS) On the same program: Andrew Soo's Liu Awaiting Spring, Greg Pak's Mouse (1997), Wen Hwa Ts'ao's Pei Pei's Wedding (1998), Ray Chang's Random Thoughts (1997), and Shui-Bo Wang's Sunrise Over Tiananmen Square (1998).

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