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In response to Neighborhood News, September 29, 1995

I am a security officer at McCormick Place. I do know James Miller and Steve Frost, but from the description you gave, they must be different people. The Miller I know happens to be a very personable and positive man. His respect for people is very admirable. The world would be a nicer place with more people like him. You mentioned that he's well over six feet tall. He's a gentle giant who wouldn't think of using his size to "crush" people "like we were ants," as [Craig] Segal referred to in his statement, besides that's not in our job description!

The poor character of these people is evident by the disgusting remark made to Steve Frost. Had the tables been turned and he uttered some unflattering remarks to this woman, what would've been her response? I don't believe in double standards! Do you think she may have screamed sexual harassment and brought charges against Frost?

You can't fathom the verbal abuse that we endure, but the unruly public can be as hostile and disruptive as they wish, then complain they have been victimized!

You also failed to mention that McCormick Place is private property.

Frost and Miller are not the Gruesome Twosome you made them out to be. But I understand Mr. [Ben] Joravsky, you needed a sensational story!

Rosanna M. Pulido

Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority Security Officer

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