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This week's Culture Vultures recommend . . .

"Charles James: Deconstructed," the Poetry Foundation, and Home/Land

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Cheryl Pope, artist and sculptor, with work on exhibit through 2/24 at McCord Gallery in Palos Park, is trekking through:

  • Amy Braswell

Home/Land Albany Park Theater Project is sharing a fearless performance called Home/Land. For the past two years the 32 teens in the program have conducted active research in Chicago seeking those dealing with immigration issues and asking them to share their stories. Those brave enough to share have provided stories that tell the tales that we are confronted with today: of borders, rights, family, equality, struggle, loss, fear, insecurity, and the common demand for a better life. These stories became the foundation for an intertwined series of shorts that have been written, choreographed, and performed by the same group of teens. These kids bring nothing less than their entire hearts to the stage. It's intimate, confronting, funny, activating, and inspiring.

I want to be these teens when I grow up! Don't miss this! It is now and never again!

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