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Charlotte: A Royal at War (Leif Letzebuerger)

Rated NR

When the Nazis invaded the tiny constitutional monarchy of Luxembourg in 1940, its glamorous head of state, the Grand Duchess Charlotte, fled to London; her husband and children continued on to America, but she stayed behind to broadcast anti-Nazi propaganda to her beleaguered subjects. Made for Luxembourgian TV from conventional materials (stills, newsreel footage, home movies, gray-haired talking heads, gauzily shot dramatizations), this workmanlike doc is a tad too parochial for successful export. Occupied Luxembourgers must have taken comfort from Charlotte's broadcasts, but writer-director Ray Tostevin stresses her nobility and heroism so heavily that his story gets old fast. If there's human drama here, it awaits another filmmaker. 98 min.

Film Credits

Director: Ray Tostevin

Writer: Ray Tostevin

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