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Practically a case study in indie quirkiness, this film hits all the hipster buttons. It has a sound track of 70s and 80s love songs it almost seems to be sneering at. It has a weird, socially awkward main character. It has stunt casting (Nora Dunn, Liz Phair, Jason Priestley). And it has a bizarre tone—a mix of romance, screwball comedy, and suspense with a dash of existential artiness. Somehow it works. Zoe Adler (Robin Tunney) is a lonely, intensely needy computer animator. When she's wrongly accused of running over a policeman, she's placed under house arrest; stuck in a bleak loft apartment, she alternately mopes and rages. She's stalked by the psycho who actually killed the policeman, and gets occasional visits from a police technician who falls in love with her (Tim Blake Nelson). Her transformation from ultrageek to self-assured woman is never explained, and the mix of tones can be jarring, but it all has an odd charm. Directed by Finn Taylor. 100 min.


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