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Hours: Sun noon-6 PM, Mon-Fri 11 AM-8 PM, Sat 11 AM-6 PM

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Homey Logan Square deli-coffee-ice cream shop with terrific sandwiches served on house-baked bread.

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The couches at my grandmother's house in northern New Jersey were ugly and overstuffed and perfect for a nap, food came out of the kitchen the moment you realized you were hungry, and the television was always on, even when no one was watching. Cherubs, a Logan Square deli/coffee shop (with WiFi) plus ice cream parlor, is such a place, complete with mismatched chairs and a case of used library books. My grandmother's house didn't serve a pastrami sandwich like this though, with salty and wonderfully marbled meat and thick slices of good Swiss between pressed, buttered French bread. The baguette was slightly dry and therefore great with a tuna salad on mixed greens that dripped with vinaigrette. A cold case of Breyer's ice cream has 16 mostly pedestrian flavors like a fantastic chocolate and a not-overly-sweetened strawberry. There's a coffee bar, fountain creations like a lovely coconut and pineapple smoothie served in a cutesy coconut-shell bowl, and a shifting menu of homey soups.

Tasneem Paghdiwala

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