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Indian-Nepalese restaurant from the owner of Highwood's Curry Hut.

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The folks behind Highwood’s Curry Hut didn’t do themselves any favors by hiding Chicago Curry House, a white table-paper Nepalese-Indian spot, on the ground floor of a South Loop building surrounded by residential permit parking. But the menu is virtually identical to the mothership’s—that is, a huge selection of familiar northern Indian dishes and a handful of Nepalese specialties, which emphasize ginger and garlic over the chiles and dairy of the more southerly regions. Notable appetizers include the lamb choela, tender chunks of marinated meat with strips of nearly raw ginger, and spicy ground chicken- or vegetable-stuffed momo, which resemble Chinese soup dumplings and are served with a thick, powerfully tasty achaar made from pureed almonds, coriander, sesame, mustard, and cardamom seeds. An efficient way to sample the rest of the Nepalese offerings is by way of two thali samplers, one vegetarian, the other featuring bone-in goat and chicken curries. Both curries give off some admirable radiant heat above the milder vegetables and legumes—excepting the potato, black-eyed pea, and bamboo shoot aloo tama bodi, which eclipses the milder but still flavorful yellow lentil dal, gingery potatoes, cuminy spinach, and cauliflower. The thali come with sweet rice pudding, rice, raita, and a basket of hot roti to deliver it all from plate to puss. From the northern Indian menu, give one of the paneer dishes a try—the cheese is house-made.

Mike Sula

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