Chicago Douggstrospective: Videos by Doug Lussenhop

Is there room for authentic on-screen emotion in the face of our televisual media glut? Woodenly performed by amateur actors, the 21 minidramas in this retrospective of the work of ex-Chicagoan Doug Lussenhop answer in the negative—but their deadpan flatness takes on its own kind of emotional eloquence. In Fast Forward Film Fest (2002) a yoga instructor leaves his students in a difficult position so he can run out to dicker over a used car—which he pees on instead of buying. In Cris and Robyn (2003), a pointless story about lost keys concludes, as an intertitle explains, with the characters riding bikes in a parking lot for an hour. Even an atomic blast in the music video Grade Ceased seems undramatic. 86 min.

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