Chicago's Own: Animated Adventures with Jim Trainor

Jim Trainor beautifully captures creepy aspects of biology in these ten animated films. In Leafy, Leafy Jungle brightly colored paper is torn to create a “jungle” that has surprising depth, the ripping motions adding a hint of violence. The moving bottle caps in Blood are meant to suggest blood cells, and the sensuality of the colors is subverted by what seems like a reference to AIDS. The longest of the new films, Harmony (2004), “stars” a series of odd animals, including the boreal chickadee. The flickering lines representing the skin or hair of their bodies make their physicality curiously intimate, yet the words they speak—“I killed my girlfriend's children”—remind us of what animals are really like. The program includes a slide show, and sound for the silent films will be provided by Mark Gallay. 69 min.

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