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Child Sexual Abuse?


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To the editors:

In the November 9 issue of Reader [Hot Type] you reproduced a photograph of a little child sitting on a bench, outdoors. In taking the picture the photographer managed to capture the exposed external genitalia of the child in spite of the child's attempt to cover her privacy with her skirt. The long caption discusses matters of printers and artists.

The caption is hypocrisy, the picture is child sexual abuse.

The issue here is invasion of bodily privacy of a child. This is an act of desecration. Children are presumed innocent, incapable of making formal contracts let alone contracts involving the commercial use of their genitals. Even if the child demonstrates intent by requesting a genital show or play it is the responsibility of the adult to decline participation for the sake of human decency and I believe, because it is the law of the land.

With your publication of the picture you repeat the photographer's fault; you endorse the idea that it is morally right for skillful adults to commercialize children's sexuality.

I wish you would do something to decrease the damage done to the children.

Nelson Borelli, M.D.

E. Chicago

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